Dalmax Men's Morris

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Dalmax Men's Morris implement the main variants of the famous Men's Morris game, it is a strategy board game for two players (also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels, Merrills, Merelles, Marelles, Morelles, Ninepenny Marl, filetto,Cowboy Checkers,...).

Dalmax Men's Morris offer the following game variants:

  • Nine Men's Morris (the most famous variants of the game)
  • Eleven Men's Morris
  • Twelve Men's Morris
  • Three Men's Morris (and the flying variant called Nine holes)
  • Four Men's Morris
  • Five Men's Morris
  • Six Men's Morris
  • Seven Men's Morris

The variants differs in the number of token used by each player, and also in the form of the board used.


The game is played with each player trying to form "mills", a "mill" is formed when the moving piece forms a three pieces line on the board.

Every time a player made a mill he chooses one of the opponent pieces to be removed from the board, if possible he must remove apiece not in an opponent's mill (if all opposite pieces are in a mill, anyone can be chosen).

A player lose the game when he has no more moves to do (apart the exception of a full board in twelve men's morris, when it is a draw), or when he remains with only two pieces.

The game proceeds in two or three phases (it depends on using or not the flying ending variants):

Phase one - Placing pieces

The game start with each player taking turn in positioning their pieces on the empty points of the board.

Phase two - Moving pieces

After all pieces are been positioned on the board, the game continues in the second phase, here the players take turn in sliding their own pieces along the boards lines.

Phase three (optional) - Flying pieces

This phase is only present after selecting a Flying ending variant.
When a player remains with only three pieces he can move them everywhere on the board (they fly from point to point) making it more difficult for the other player to win, increasing this way the competition.

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